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Board of Corrections

The purpose of the Board of Corrections is to manage correctional resources in the state such that offenders are held accountable for their actions, victims' needs are addressed in a positive manner, and the safety of society is enhanced. The specific powers and duties of the Board were established by Amendment 33 to the Arkansas Constitution and are codified in A.C.A. § 12-27-105.

Board of Corrections Phone Number
Board Office 870-267-6754
Compliance Attorney 870-267-6752
Administrative Assistant 870-267-6754
Arkansas Correctional School 870-267-6725
Riverside Vocational Technical School 870-267-6900
Board of Corrections | Board Members Appointment Date
Benny Magness, Chairman January 13, 1999
Bobby Glover, Vice Chairman February 16, 2011
Rev. Tyrone Broomfield, Secretary March 29, 2011
John Felts January 1, 2011
Dr. William "Dubs" Byers                  January 23, 2015
Whitney Gass February 14, 2017
Lee Watson February 20, 2020

The Arkansas Board of Corrections is comprised of seven (7) members appointed by the Governor for seven year staggered terms. Board members may be reached by contacting Shari Gray, Administrative Assistant, Arkansas Board of Corrections, P.O. Box 20550, White Hall, AR 71612. Phone: 870-267-6754.

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